Sober Resources

Coming into recovery or maintaining recovery is an ongoing process and can be a lot of hard work. You do not have to do it alone is the amazing thing!

On this page page you will find convenient resources for those in sobriety in Austin, TX so you don’t have to go searching through Google to find them all in different places. You will find resources such as 12 step meetings, 12 step alternatives, housing options, education resources, and other useful resources.

To find local 12 step programs check out the 12 Step Page

For those who do not feel the connection to the 12-step dynamic, do not worry, there are many alternatives! Those alternatives you can find on the 12-step Alternative Page

For those looking for mental health support and resources we have many in Austin, check out the Mental Health Page

For the family and friends of someone with a mental health or substance use disorder it is very important to take care of yourself in the process. You will find great resources for family and friend self-care on the Family & Friend Page

For those new to the sober world and looking for a fresh start, sober community, support, or affordable housing then transitional/sober housing may be just what you are looking for. To find a list of the various sober living homes in Austin you can find just that on the Sober Living Page

Usually when suffering from substance use issues something that gets put on the back burner in the midst of it is ones education. Luckily there are many options to get back into school for teens in a sober environment, as well as for adults looking to get their high school diploma, GED, or to earn college credits. You will find those resources on the Education Page

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