Welcome to Socialize Sober!

Socialize Sober (SS) is here to help you have fun in sobriety and connect you to like minded people building a sober social life. SS is currently based in the city of Austin, TX.

If you are sober and looking for a great place to socialize without the pressure or fear of substance use following you, or if you know someone who would benefit from these resources, then you came to the perfect place to find just that!

SS was created to provide information important for maintaining or gaining sobriety in Austin, Texas. On SS you will find:

  • Great substance free hang out ideas
  • Options for new hobbies
  • Work out ideas
  • Locations that have late night hours for the night owls
  • Great dining options without the influence of alcohol
  • Affordable (and sober) events in Austin
  • Tips for living a healthy life in sobriety

Socialize Sober will also provide resources for maintaining sobriety and resources many in recovery seek but must search the web to find. The founder, Mary Frances Secrest, earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology and is pursuing a career in Substance Use Counseling. Mary has a great understanding of how difficult maintaining sobriety can be and the importance of learning to build a healthy life outside of those old friends, old hangouts, and old poor habits. She has been living in Austin for 5 years now and has explored plenty to discover many fun, affordable, and sober activities around the city.


To learn more about the founder check out the About Me page.


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